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Collagen Lip Booster


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Lip gloss containing collagen, hyaluronic acid and innovative anti-wrinkle and anti-aging agents. Collagen Lip-Booster containing marine collagen gives full, sensual lips with a touch of colour. Hyaluronic acid enhances your lips' moisture content, giving them a more voluminous, fuller look.

The innovative anti-wrinkle active agent Ederline stimulates the collagen synthesis of the skin and reduces the formation of wrinkles. The patented anti-aging active agent Signaline stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin and counteracts premature skin-aging. Applied regularly, Collagen Lip Booster visibly smoothes and nourishes your lips.

    About the Brand

    Helmut Baurecht founded ARTDECO thirty years ago. For 15 years, ARTDECO has been Germany's undisputed market leader in cosmetics. And women in 78 countries around the world now use our products to emphasize their individual beauty.

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