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Cream Concealer Fair

By Claudia Schiffer

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Precise retouching: This long-lasting concealer makes blemishes (and the traces of last night’s party) disappear instantly. The super-light, easy-to-blend formula feels weightless on the skin, brilliantly blending to create a flawless finish. The pro designed non-cake formula means it won’t settle in lines and wrinkles and you’re able to dial up the concealer’s coverage layer by layer.

  • Long-lasting concealer.
  • Flawless, natural finish.
  • Feels weightless on the skin.
  • Adjustable coverage.
  • Easy-to-blend formula containing moisturising hyaluronic acid.
  • Blends fully into the skin. Does not set in wrinkles.
  • Handy tube with small, tapered opening. Optimal dose delivery. Precise application.
  • Paraben-free.

Concealers are not just for dark circles under the eyes or for blurring blemishes. You can neutralise your natural lip colour using concealer to really bring out the shine and intensity of your lipstick or other lip make-up products. First, apply a thin, even layer of concealer onto your lips. Next, use a lip liner to trace the contours and then apply lipstick or gloss to give your lips a rich colour.

        About the Brand

        After 30 years modelling and thousands of hours in the make-up chair I have learned so much about make-up, so it’s been great working with ARTDECO on this limited edition collection in which we've included my favourite signature make-up looks, the looks that defined my career, and all the make-up secrets I've learnt over the years. And I’ve had first hand experience, trying and testing everything, working with the best make-up creators and make up brands in the business. I want to share this great treasure trove of experience with others. Everything I experienced and learned has been poured into every detail of my collection. It is a collection based on this expertise, but with great influence from my personality. Each element is always in line with my credo: simple, yet breathtaking.

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